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All past projects should be completed, and you have to resolve all the problems in your life. Proper planning and thinking should go into the commencement and completion of new ventures. Dragon zodiac people will have an excellent professional life with the support of colleagues and seniors. The year promises to be a highly peaceful one, and you have to pay attention to maintain well being. You will get many opportunities to enhance your social life by making new contacts. Personal life can be made more harmonious by leaving the tensions of the workplace at the office.

The year of the Rat is quite fortunate for the Snake zodiac, and you will prosper in all areas of life except health. You can maintain your health with enough relaxation and proper dietary habits. You must pay attention to your mental well being also in addition to physical fitness. Single snakes will have enough chances to meet their life partners during the year Married couples can enjoy their lives if they solve their problems with proper communication.

Predictions for the Horse zodiac for the year suggest that the year will transform your life extensively. You should review your past mistakes and make changes to your life to grow. There will be new openings for you to enhance your earnings during the year.

Married life can be made fabulous with more romance and passion. The year is convenient for going on a leisure trip with family and friends. Forecasts for Sheep zodiac people for the year envisages that all aspects of your life should be ready to accept changes. Your career, relationships, day to day life and conduct will be transformed.

Money flow will be sufficient, and you should focus on cutting down unnecessary expenses. The year is not promising for expanding your business activities. Professionals can look forward to changing their jobs. Married Sheep will have more love and passion in their unions. Singles should review their existing partnerships and decide on the continuation of the love bonds.

The year of the metal Rat will alter the lives of Monkey zodiac radically. You will be more dynamic and energetic in your approach to life. Financially, the year will be profitable. You will make progress in your career because of your positive attitude.

You should maintain your composure during the year Socially you will make new contacts and will be quite popular with your friends. Overall, the year will be a successful year for the Rooster zodiac. You should try to save as much as possible during the year. It will help you in the future. While taking decisions, you should consider all aspects of the problem. There is no place for rashness in dealing with your colleagues at the workplace. You should be emotionally stable to save your relationships.

The year promises to be a fabulous year for the Dog zodiac.

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Your life will be simple and straightforward. In the absence of any serious problems, it is up to you to make the most of your life. Experience with family and your spouse will be highly delightful. A pleasure trip abroad with your partner is likely. Professionally you will reach your zenith, and you can expect promotions and financial rewards. You will have plenty of openings to grow, and it will be up to you to make use of them.

The year will be an average year for the Pig zodiac people without any frills. Career will be the high point of your life. A Libran Horse's character will then begin to waver, and they may become unpredictable in their actions or words.

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Anyone born between September 23 and October 22 is a Libra. The Horse years are: , , , , , , , , Libra Horse — Personality & Traits in Combined Horoscope. Chinese and Western Signs Combination in Astrology: Love & Relationship, Career & Goals.

These little moments of madness are almost always short-lived. The Consistent Libran Horse Personality The Western astrological sign of Libra personality is well known for its balance and refinement. Comments: Libra Horse Personality. Ljianny E. I do agree with everything here I'm not good at being alone.. Fashion is a must looking-good that is We get along great.

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Myself, my sister and my mother all get along great, but with our dad and brother not so much. Both my dad and brother are monkeys and my dad is leo and my brother is Sagittarius. Between my sister and I there is never a dull moment and we are always making everyone laugh.

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Tams I'm an Aquarius tiger n with a Libra horse has anyone else had one of these relationships if so how is it going or how did it go. Elisha No. The relationship is great!

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We never argue and we recently got married and are crazy in love. Darius I am Libra horse born October 3 Babygirl I'm libra horse born oct 14 n my boyfriend capricorn dec 30 In the beginning of the relationship it was not good but it took us sometime to figure each other out n one thing that we did figure out that we love each other more then we thought Chiassa Likewise! We are so similar it's uncanny. I so agree with the personality traits.

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It's me to a T. Oshana Yes if your heart tells u so. Luna The part on being socialbile is okay But regardless of their astrologic origins,i believe everyone has a unique side to them. Nobody has the exact personality as it is written in their horoscope. She promised me so much. She's so careing and yet all I do is wait for her to leave me and reject me and I'm always sending texts and sounding desperate we've only known each other a week. Firepegasus I think is a good combination, horse and dog r good mates.

I love a libra earth horse. Jaye I read that a earth libra horse is more compatible to an ox than to a tiger, dog, goat, etc. I love my dad and I was always his favorite! But romantically, Libra Horse are loyal but they become disappointed easy; so if you love her, you need to give her a long rope and don't do anything under her nose.

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By doing that, you can work at fixing any problems that might come up. Good luck. Dave This described my friend so well its almost scary. Nate I'm a libran horse October 11 1 and I agree with most of this but I love solitude a lot. Maureen Nate I too am libra horse, and I absolutely love solitude. I am however, very social when I'm out there, but I can only do it for so long, and then I need to be alone again. It is when I feel most at peace. It's like after spending so much energy socializing you need to recharge by spending time alone and centering yourself.

Sapphire Yes same but I'm an Earth element. Every single element is different in their personalities. It would be useful if every site specified this otherwise everyone will think they are supposed to be partying it up as a horse and wondering why they don't fit the bill. Sosina I am a male Libra Horse and this is all true.

I am certainly dating a virgo monkey girl and she is great. This is all true--not going lie. Sophia Libra Horse aren't really patient, but they are communicative and understanding to a crazy degree. When we get together, too much lovin'--makes me sick! But I admire him. Anyway Libra Horses are very loyal. I agree with everything here.

Sophia Posting back! Btw, if you Libra Horse are with Taurus Horse, don't let them use you. I broke it off with mine as he took advantage of me.