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Ptolemy 's account likens the influence of some of the stars in the zodiac constellations to the planets; he writes, for example, that "The stars in the feet of Gemini Alhena and Tejat Posterior have an influence similar to that of Mercury , and moderately to that of Venus. Vivian E.


Robson notes that many of the traditional constellations outside of the zodiac constellations occupy large degrees of arc and typically compass several of the tropical zodiac signs. Most of the Western names of stars, such as Algol or Betelgeuse , are Arabic in origin.

The Cycle of Uranus and Algol in 2002

Unpredictable observations in the heavens, including novas and supernovas as well as other phenomena in the heavens such as comets , meteors , parhelions , and even rainbows , were all collected under the name of astrological meteors. According to Ptolemy , variations in the magnitude of fixed stars portends wind from the direction in which the star lies. These astrological meteors were typically held to be omens that presaged major world events. In De nova stella , Tycho Brahe , one of many astrologers who observed the supernova of , stated his belief that the appearance of the supernova heralded the decline of the Roman Catholic Church and stated that the years would be impacted by the astrological influence of the supernova.

The years corresponded almost precisely with the lifespan of Gustavus Adolphus - , the king of Sweden who championed the cause of Protestantism during the Thirty Years War.

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Fixed star Algol, Beta Persei, is a magnitude, rare triple star and eclipsing binary, In astrology, Algol is one of the most unfortunate stars. The head of Medusa from Greek mythology is represented by the infamous Algol fixed star at 26º Taurus. As part of constellation Perseus, Algol.

This apparently successful prediction won Brahe international fame as an astrologer. According to Nicholas DeVore , while the fixed stars no longer are consulted much in natal astrology , they remain important in aspects of astrological divination such as judicial astrology. They have no effect by means of aspect.

A first magnitude or brighter star on the Ascendant or Midheaven in the horoscope may indicate celebrity. The two stars Aldebaran and Antares are said to produce stress when they transit one of the angles of the horoscope. Some astrologers that consult the stars refer to their affects as paranatellonta , or "paran" for short. Paranatellonta are stars that fall upon one of the four angles of the horoscope rising or setting , at the midheaven , or at the imum coeli at the same time a significant planet is at one of those points.

Thus, for example, if Sirius was rising while Jupiter was at the midheaven, Sirius would be considered a paran of Jupiter and could influence the way the astrologer interpreted Jupiter in that horoscope. Astrologically , Aldebaran is a fortunate star, portending riches and honor. This star, named "Tascheter" by the Persians, is one of the four " royal stars " of the Persians from around BC.

These stars were chosen in such way that they were approximately 6 hours apart in right ascension. Each of these stars was assigned to a season, Aldebaran was prominent in the March sky and as such, it was associated with the vernal equinox. Its current celestial longitude is 09 Ge.

To medieval astrologers, Aldebaran was one of fifteen Behenian stars , associated with rubies , milk thistles and the kabbalistic sign. In Hindu astrology, Aldebaran corresponds to the Rohini Nakshatra. In Western Sidereal Astrology, computation is based on defining Aldebaran as 15 degrees Taurus precisely.

Making Amends with Medusa

In astrology, Algol is one of the most unfortunate stars. Medieval Arabic commanders tried to ensure that no important battle began whilst the light of Algol was weak. The 17th century English astrologer William Lilly regarded any planet to be afflicted when within five degrees of conjunction. Algol is also one of the 15 Behenian stars , [20] associated with the diamond and hellebore , and marked with the kabbalistic sign:.

Gienah gamma Corvi is supposed to have a similar effect to Mars and Saturn , tending to promote greed and craftiness. It was one of the medieval Behenian stars , associated with onyx , burdock , and a crow-like kabbalistic symbol. In this context it is sometimes referred to as Ala Corvi, "the wing of the crow or raven".

Astrologically , Procyon is considered mostly unfortunate although it is sometimes wealth producing. It has strong potential as a cause of violence; it brings sudden success then disaster. According to Cornelius Agrippa , its kabbalistic symbol is. In the astrology of the Middle Ages , Sirius was a Behenian fixed star , associated with beryl and juniper.

Its kabbalistic symbol was listed by Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa. Its celestial longitude was 14 Can. The duration of the Void can be shorter or longer, depending on current planetary patterns. With clear intention, one can harness the energies. When the Moon is Void, it is free from specific planetary appointments. With no set agenda, time becomes more spacious. In this case, the Full Moon energy holds at a heightened light. If we can sustain this awesome, even sacred Full Moon moment, something new awakens in us that was previously unknown.

Medusa is so scary because she represents the power of the unknown.

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Do we fear the darkness more than we desire the light? Algol was called Lilith by the Hebrews, another powerful, often demonized, female image. There is a great deal of astrological history behind Algol. Feminist ears perk up when powerful women are demonized. Brady cites Capulus, the right hand of Perseus that wields the sword, as the equivalent star for male rage.

Kalli Halvorsen of HerStar has called Algol the star of female passion and intensity.

As the Eye of Medusa, Algol gives witness to the violation and abuse of feminine power and sexuality, she suggests, which gives rise to a profound rage. This rage can be self-protective, yet it often needs some kind of expression so that it does not turn in on itself from paralysis of repressed emotions, a cancerous emotional situation. Rosenberg reported on Algol transits connected to catastrophes and violence, yet also finds a spiritual side—serious, patient, talkative, and not bigoted. In the arts, it can show ghastliness and beauty at the same time, in politics, brutality along with high-mindedness. Picasso had a strong Algol signature. Anthropologist and art historian David Napier, author of Masks, Transformation and Paradox, has researched gorgon-like masks across the world, linking Medusa and the Balinese Barong masks, a traditional artistic expression of wild beasts.

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Such bestial lion-like Gorgon faces are the symbolic image of intense sensory experience, Napier believed, of immediate experience that is outside rational interpretation or understanding. Such masks express powers that tap into the fearsome irrationality of nature, those that stop us in our tracks. Beyond the mind, this Gorgon knowledge is instinctive and kinesthetic, purely biological experience.

Such ferocious creatures and faces may be protector spirits, guarding the sanctity of a temple or a home, to ward off evil. The eye is the window to the soul. The mirror is another.

Re-examining Tradition

Medusa is one of the so-called powerful Dark Goddesses… see here for an amazing photo of the Medusa Nebula in Gemini. Show us some love by sharing? Schedule readings easily. Perhaps his most famous quote is rather apt here? This was most likely due to the regular occurrences of the change in brightness and color as Beta Persei B eclipsed Beta Persei A.

The mirror of the universe reflects the depths of our souls, immensely spacious like the dark energy theorized by current astrophysics. The mirror of life reflects the status of our inner world. We are in great transition on both the inner and outer levels. In the mystery of Algol, this star of female empowerment, dwells the power of recognizing the essential beauty beyond the terrifying darkness of the unknown. And if we do, will we be terrified of what we see, of our own potential and the responsibility to use it? To see deeply into the dark side of life, its wildness, irrationality and chaos, can be profoundly transformational and freeing if one can endure the intensity of such an encounter that strips the ego bare, exposes the naked soul.

Algol can bring us to this edge. Algol is a double star. The two stars eclipse every two and a half days, creating fluxuations of strong desire of purpose that fuels our intent, followed by a lull, fallow moments when we may feel empty and lose heart.