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The California case, which was brought to the high court by the Riverside Calif. A-s the case wa s RoinE to trial, t h e Ju dge lecided to ucstibn cbcTi jurorlndivldually, out of the presence of oUicr Jurors, on his or her feel ings about the death penalty. Over the objections of news organizations, the public and the press were excluded from this luestloning.

The Press Enterprise asked for a transcript of the closed sessions. The request was denied by the trial Judge, whosald publication of the jury selection questions and responses would Invade the Jurors' privacy rights. Two appeals courts were asked to overturn the decision.

congdong.bancongxanh.com/37815.php Both courts refused, and the newspaper took the case to the Supreme Court. The newspaper argued there Is a considerable public controversy over the death penalty and the composition of juries In death penalty coses. It said access lo Jury selection is Important In order to cover arguments alwut capital punishment as it Is applied In California.

The trial Judge, without giving any reason, scaled the Jury selection In that cose — in addition to scaling virtually the whole case file and Issuing anordcrprohibiting everyone involved from talking lo the press. Wilson has alleged that he was working for the CIA. Which the government hos denied. But it is possible lhat some of the pretrial Information may shed light on his claims of CIA Involvement, It also is believed that someof Ihe questions to Ihejury may have concerned their altitudes toward Intelligence galheringand may have related to some of Wilson's claims that he was set up by the government.

CBS News has filed an opposition to the sealing of the jury selection. Public attendance at jury selection is considered a safeguard against the temptation some Judges might have to stack Juries according to the judges' point of view. The Supreme Court will decide Whether this consideration is outweighed by the discomfort Jurors feel in having to respond In publ ic to Ques tions about their personal views. Writer commended Susan and I wisli to express our deep appreciation and gratitude for the full-page article on professional massage in the Magic Valley.

Susan and I have been working hard for the past three years to promote professional and ethical massage. The story in The Times-News offered excellent exposure and has helped our expansion to Twin Falls by giving us desired credibility In the area. Again, we thankyouondllie Times-News. Bach letter must be signed and should Include the writer's nmiitng address. Letters of more than words may beedltedforleogtfa. Secrets have lives of their own.

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George Bush is a well-known name fn Ameri"0. He has just completed asuccessful damage control mission to Kurope. He did some good in lessening the adyantage trie Soviets have gained through their massive public relations , campalgnonthesamesubject.

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But Erhard Dabringhaus was possessed of a secret. Ust week he pogped it overshadow whatever good George Bush's mission to Europe accomplished. Erhard Dabringhaus' secret was this: He was one of the U. Why did he blow his secret now? The secret was leaking and was going to get out. Better It come from a professor of Germanrhlstoiy in the United States than a Nazi war criminal awultlng trial Ui Prance for crimes against humanity.

That Is putting the best possible face on the shameful secret. HicNazi war criminal Is Klaus Barl le. The United States protected the Nazi war criminal, housed him.

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All of this Erhard Dabringhaus has admitted. What did the United States get for protecting the butcher of Lyons? We knew exactly where Altmann-Barble was hiding. We had provided the house. The French told Dabringhaus that Ihey had found several moss graves for which they thought Altmonn-Baiblc was responsible, "I felt very nauseated," said Dabringhaus. Inawpffle-worded statement, alleges that It is looking for further documentation of ony U.

Unless pressed, they will happily forget It. They must be pressed. In order to spy on them, the United States lied to Its allies and protected the butcher of Lyons. Think a layer deeper. Of course we are against communism, but what on earth are we for? In order to fight communism, we ally ourselves with the scum of the earth, haven't we already lost? Who made the decision that Klaus Altmann-Barble was worth more to us than our French allies were? Tuesday, the House Judiciary and Rules Committee released the measure with endorsement.

Conse- quently, the bill barely cleared the. Citing dnig-relatod murders, sponsor Rep. James Stolcheff, D- Sandpoint. We're talking about killers. I'And the fact Is that Idaho already has a three-year minimum sentence tor any type of drug dealer found guilty of a second offense.

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Okay, here we go Hmm, leaves us a narrow time range. Get guidance from experienced psychics. The early part of the year is not so eventful, but it is all about planting seeds which bare fruit in the second half of the year. The cosmic bottleneck in Capricorn urges you to take a realistic look at your finances and come up with a long term plan…but Uranus has plans of its own! You also have a very nice Bhadra yoga from Chandra Laguna, which gets the aspect of Venus. The path of life based on the date of birth provides indications on the kind of destiny which one is meant to experience. House Horoscope.

The provision's concept is to preclude ftom tofHiarsh treatment young peo- ple who. However, the three-year grace period means that a year-oId would be prosecuted under the proposed law for giving drugs to a l5-year-oId. Stale Tax Commission officials warned Tuesday. He said the House acknowledged a lack of maturi- ty in young adults by agreeing last week to increase the drinking age from 19 to But Stolcheff successfully argued th at harsh measures are a must.

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Cocaine use has doubled in high schools since John Rooney, warns us that Idaho b now the leading marijuana distributing state amoung the Rocky Mountain states. At least one of those weapons, he said, should be exempted from bankruptcy proceedings Involving Individuals. R- Parma, said the current tuinkruptcylaw already contains many exemptions and should not beexpaiSded. R-Melba, said his business has suffered losses when people declare bankruptcy.

Irrigators could get early refunds BOISE - Irrigators could receive property-tax refunds weeks eariler - and save the stale money — if a bill ' Introduced Tuesday in the House becomes law. And since that power Is used to pump water and irrigate. But that property-tax-money still Is collected from Irrigators and only later refunded to them, after the, appropriate amount is detennlned per county and irrigation district. Committee members Introduced thebiUwlthoutdiscusslon.

Low crop prices and foreclosures I may create an I economic dust bowl. Get the details on a special report on Newscene 1 1. Savings Bond wnrth up to m on select models Come in today for these best values! To that end, the House Revenue and Taxation Committee Introduced a measure Tuesday that would exempt from the tax Increase all contracts signed, or bid.

About an hour later, the full House suspended rules and passed the bill. Tbo budget package was passed by thji I jirklnturt! It Includes budget cuts, fund transfers and a I-cent sales-tax In- cttjase through June 3o. John Evans has not said when he will acton the measure.

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Wednoiday, February 16 A. Bannalt a Maiiifimllh Thuriday, rebruary 17 R.

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There's never been a better time to invest in the best Amana appliances for your home! When you buy one of these bestsellers: TC-t8l " Uprifjht Frcezer l7 cu. Twin Falia, Idaho Wodnesday. ContrqllerKen Cory said Tuesday. His statement followed the failure of Republican Gov. Cory said there is no possibility of any more internal borrowing. Unruh said that that it the governor and legislative leaders reach a set- tlement, the state might be able to arrange another loan by Feb.

Cory said that according to Colitomia's Constitution, the last of the hard cosh In In the state's general fund will go to schools and bank creditors. Cory said that on Feb. If no solution is reached in a few days, 86, of the state's Salesman gives free food to needy MF. The vearK ld nianufacturer's representative handed out free food Tuesday to about 50 needy families chosen by Memphis Area Project- South.

The salesman, who asked to be identified only by his first name. I want to help people. MAP-South officials said It was. Rarely before has the hospital's lobby seen such a steady parade of bulging briefcases and heavy electronic equipment. Dewey about the ship's fate have been politely but firmly de- flected by the hospital's public rela- tions staff.

Kelly, for instance, we call and ask if he wants to talk with them. If he says 'No' or the physician doesn't want him talking right then, that's it," said Diane Cox, director of public relations. Cox and her staff had considered posting security guards outside each man's room Tuesday, but decided the plan would be too cosUy. Representatives of the National Maritime Union practically greeted the survivors on their arrival at the hospital. Marine Coal Transport Co.. Most of those lingering about the hospital lobby tn-hopcs of receiving permission to speak with one or more of the survivors have wailed patiently for a change of heart.

Judith Kelly, who had expected her husband. Eugene, to return to Ihclr Norwell. Representatives of the Coast Guard, the Marine Transportation Safety Board, the maritime union, the shipowner and several insurance companies have all Interviewed at least one of the three survivors in an effort to delermlne what caused the fiOO-foot ship to founder less than two houre after its captain had radioed lor help. Clark, 34, who Insisted throughout hfs trial that he was innocent-4t the brutal killings, chatted with his at- torney as the verdicts were reod.

At one point he gave a little smile and nodded his head. Whoever killed these people deserves to die. Most of the victims of the slaylngs. One woman was decapitated,. In closing arguments, prosecutor Robert Jorgenson described Oork as a "sexual sadist" who "requires bizarre acts. Including necrophilia, for sexual gratification.

Thirty percent of all abortions In IS80 were obtained by teenagers and 35 percent by women between the agesof 20 and 24, the rcpoart said. At least six House panels arc in- vestigating charges the agency was maldng "sweetheart deals" by not requiring major chemical companies to pay their full share of cleanup costs of waste dumps. The Ifousc voted Dec. White House counsel I-Yed Fielding said Tuesday -the administration is waiting to hear ram Uvitas about a proposal offered last Saturday. Declining to reveal Uw details. Fielding said of Saturday's session.

Sources have said the major stlcii- ing point In the agreement Is whether Uie administration will provide copies of the documents Congress wants or only open them for congressional review at the agency's offices. Because of their sheer bulk, access to the tiles without being able to make copies of them would be of almost no value, one source said. The fal man was Sloing his thing. Sissociatc publisher of "Nursingl. S "What nurses are legally bound to Bo may not be what they feel is right. I "Nurses may feel such situations I arc cruel - for the patient and the I family. I Yflunger nurses particularly appear!

Most people hate it, 1 ; love what I'm doing. But there Is no parade like the people parade on Bourbon Street. No costume is too outlandish, no lack of costume loo lewd. No one Is too ugly or too pretty. Is it right for you? The intriKluction of Supreme L'nleaded also means that mo st custome rs whose cars have iieen usinj; Chevron Su ireme leatled gasoline can now enjoy all the henelits ol usiny iiiileailetl jjasoline. At Chevron, the choice is yours. Ask lor ihe yratle thai is ritjhi for, you and your car's neetls.

Every little eoniribuiion to conservation helps a lot. Boyd What's what j. Bcrea College in Bcrca. Students have oncampus Jobii. You said reindeer cost about S2. It cost Santa Claus to feed hl. About S2, a year Q, What's a "homophone"? Such Is the icprussing claim of that nutrllloo expert Dr. Gene Mayer, There's no such animal as a horse with horns, right? Still, that breed known as the Moyle horse sometimes appears to have the beginnings of horns.

Spiders don' t chew. Q, At what age Is a woman generally oliher sharpest when it comes toclolhlngslylcs? But research reviMls fashion designers claim age 37 is probably v. Women know practically nothing about how to wcar. What color Is God's hair? Research reveals Daniel 7: Boyd lo care oruUUa oewquper.

Study every angle of a new project. They can Iw of help to you at this time.

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Decan 1 Gemini Horoscope. Until June 5 – The solar eclipse on December 26, brings growth, abundance and good luck as well as. The ascendant gives the purest expression of the decan's energy since no planets will colour its expression. The ascendant is also the.

A new contact can bring many benefits your- way. A new project needs more study before going ahead with It. Make right de- cisions In the evening,. Good day lo obtain data you need for a personal project. Good orgonlza- tlonal work Is the key to success now. Moke surc-you carry thrtiugh with promises at this time.

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A good friend could l e helpful toryou now. U for the property. Annlno claimed the Constitution requires sliver or gold for leigal transactkms. ITw dispute over ownership began wllh the Nov. Robert Russell, argued that Annlno's claim that only gold or silver coins are legal tender fs "absurd" and "frivolous.

They told ipe-I needed. He said his wrist was broken when he reached for a doubloon that was tilling on the ground and his hand was stomped by another anxious reveler. Most were for drunkeness and trespassing. Revelers In glittering costumes and faces painted in the official Mardi Gras colors of purple, gold and green began to jam streets shortly aftersunrlse, reserving choice spots along parade routes. Fat Tuesday testivites began with an wd assortment ot walking musicians, led by jazz clarinetist Pete Fountain's "Half-Fast Marching Qub.

The krewe's run through the city is a spoof on white man's Mardi Gras. The actor was divorced from his first wife In Housewite dashed down a yard course Tuesday, flipping a pancake hi a skillet, and beat an American by ijiore than five seconds In the traditional Shrove Tuesday race. Carey edged Joyce Heeb, 2G, who flipped, ran and- fjwfirved through Liberal's S-shapied course in a time ot l: They didn't have any facilities like that in Olney and all the English! Carey, racing first, ran under sunny skies in bitter cold, windy weather that kept some of the village's 3.

Olney is about 55 miles northwest of I. Some fJberal residents were concerned early In the day about slick streets caused by melting snow, but course conditions improved by race time Liberal, with a population ot about Elnglish legend says the pancake race iKgan in Olney in — after a women made a last-mlnute dash — pancake and griddle In hand — as the bells lolled for a Shrove Tuesday service.

Tradition holds the faithful went to church on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday to confess or "shrive" their sins in preparation for l.

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When the church bells would ring Just before noon to mark the approaching end ot shriving time, housewives would rush from their homes to church — still cooking their poncakcson their griddles. The rivalry began in when a Liberal businessman read of the legend and challenged Olney residents to the ' race. The brides were separated by bars 'Jnm the grooms, one of whom was a convicted murderer reccnty sen- tenced to serve a minimum ot 15 years In prison. The couples were not allowed to touch,, hold hands, kiss or even say anything to each other except "I do," Whitakersaid.

It was the third moniage for l. Honeymoon plans were not dis- closed. UPI - A cat helped save his mistress from a would-be rapist by jumping on the man's back, police said. Either way wfiun you use your Husky r: Ask your participatmi Husky retailor lor a swiHjpslakes enlry 'nnn. Rules and procoduios nio available from dealers.

Barbie, in a recent Interview, said nf thft rpwa nnH rpalatanrg nghters: S occupation zone, using the names Spehr, Behrends. Mertens and Holzer — always with the tlrst name Klaus. In a French military tribunal issued an arrest warrant against Barbie. German police later issued another arrest warrant against Barbie In connection with a Jewel robbery.

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The German police report on the case mentioned. With this, he was able to obtain Red Cross travel papers and escape to South America, the Nazi-hunter said. The ethnic Oilnese heroin kingpin was gunned down In a Thai police ambush last Friday near the Thai- Burmese border, climaxing years of detective work by Thai and American narcotics agents. Ho said the price of pure "No.

About hair the crop wUI be smoked In the opium dens of southeast Asia and the remainder will be available for refining up te 30 tons of heroin for addicts in the United States. It takes 10 tens of opium to make one ton of heroin. As in previous years, narcotics agents expect more than 90 percent of the crop to come from the Shan state of eastcFT Burma.

A bomb blast in the slate capital of Gaubati. Injured IJ others Tuesday, officials said, — agencies reported. Rescue officials,rushed aid lo 7. Reports were delayed because the tribesmen also burnt bridges leading te the area, of Icials said. Police shot dead three rioters In dlstricte outside Gauhatl and three more people died in clashes between -Bengalis and AEsamera demanding a shootings and arson attacks. The ' voting began Monday. The sun is shining and the Ceres trine blesses you with radiance from Jun 28 to Jul 22 along with that you are graced with a lush Venus trine from Jul 10 to Now you can really enjoy a roll in a haystack.

This is a period for running barefoot in the park with your beloved as this is a highly auspicious time for a blossoming romance, with blossoming being the operative word. All outdoor activities in nature bring colour to your cheeks and a partner in picnics. Go out and dazzle in the great outdoors. A jealous little argument makes you realise just how much the other person cares and all ends well.

The Saturn trine will help mend any cracks as it is potent relationship glue for you in the next few years. The error could be on your part, as you find yourself being attracted to the forbidden fruit of another. Saturn is helping you to defer gratification and build willpower. You get a triple dose of the Venus opposition due to the Venus retrograde from Sep 9 to 28, Oct 10 to 18 retrograde and then again Dec 3 to Venus is joined by the Ceres opposition from Nov 12 to Dec 4. Although oppositions can be a bit of a tug of war, the tussle is actually really dynamic and passionate.

These two most sensual planets are in your 7 th house of marriage if you are reading for your ascendant. This rocking, to and fro action will add to the romantic theme of this year in general. The re-ignition of an old flame or patching things up with an ex particularly applies to you. Enjoy the re-unification Taurus decan 1! Get ready to say goodbye to the subtle transformation effect of the Pluto trine to your decan over the past few years.

You get some dark sweet Pluto juice from Jan 1 to Feb 5 and then again in the second half of the year. Even with the kindly trine, there is still quite a lot of detoxing going on in the background which can sometimes feel quite draining. So be kind to yourself and make sure you are replenishing yourself with nutritious food, rest and relaxing times in nature. You are also experiencing a boost in your romantic life too with Jupiter in your house of marriage. The first is Jan 1 to This can be a wonderfully positive time where you can collaborate with benefactors. You attract generous, fun and expansive people into your life and mostly this is from your travels.

The more you get out into the world the more you can make the most of this blossoming energy. The passion is zooped up by the Mars opposition from Jan 1 to 9 and not only that a short and sweet Venus trine from Jan 3 to 9. January just such a busy month for you an jam-packed with so many exciting aspects which pave the way for the rest of the year. There is more edgy, yet passionate energy with the Ceres square working behind the scenes from Jan 1 to Feb 6. This energy is spicier, but also has a yearning feeling too so try not to let some melancholia for what is impossible ruin what could be a really nice connection with someone.

The Venus square from Jan 26 to 31 could also cause some upset, but Jupiter should be able to help you bounce back from any blunders.. The Jupiter opposition is back again Apr 26 to Sep You find you can easily harmonise with whoever you come across on your travels. Even though this supposedly a hard aspect, remember opposites attract. Mean, Nature, and Sagittarius: Life, Horoscope, and Link: When my life turns out exactly how my horoscope predicted betches etches.

They will love you until he end of time. Link in bio or betches. Just get with it, okay?