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Descendant in Sagittarius

You are the epitome of awesome! Astrology is meant to corroborate what you already know. You are born to be yourself! Enjoy each part of you. Results are generated by their interaction. The sign Gemini is characterized by a vivid eagerness to extend the scope of one's personal experiences through many kinds of human contacts, and the absorption of a variety of information which is found to be readily available.

Gemini is the most typical symbol of intellectual curiosity and of the mind which neatly and analytically classifies knowledge for practical and personal use. The opposite sign, Sagittarius, refers to a more abstract and mature type of knowledge, concerned with the integration of distantly related factors, with philosophy, religion, and any form which the quest for basic values and understanding or wisdom may take. Gemini deals with easily accessible encounters and the concrete mind; Sagittarius with all that expands the horizon, takes one away from routine existence, and incites one to dream great dreams.

Gemini represents the type of mental faculty which is concerned with control of the environment for greater personal convenience and the feeding of the ego; Sagittarius is haunted by ever larger horizons, by the thirst for great adventures beyond the familiar. A Gemini Ascendant often indicates an avidity for knowledge and the deep-rooted expectation that it is through knowledge and a multiplicity of sensations and contacts that one will discover one's own individual identity.

Indeed, the use of thought processes will be very important, but the danger is that one may be caught in a web of small concerns, logical statements, experiments, and lost in a maze of information which, while well ordered, may be empty of larger meaning and unconcerned with social consequences.

The Sagittarius Descendant suggests that relationships should be based on a larger scheme of values. Sagittarius provides Gemini with its abstract frames of reference, its logical concepts, its dissatisfaction with the near-at-hand and the temporarily fashionable.


It makes possible an expansion of consciousness through relationship. The personally assimilated information, even the mental awareness of one's essential nature, should be put to use in terms of human fellowship and a sharing of values with greater minds.

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When Sagittarius is the rising sign, the individual may be fond of outdoor life and travel — or so says the tradition! This sought-after Truth may be so capitalized that the individual seeks to promote or propagandize it with an often fanatic zeal, or at least with great dedication.

He may find his own truth and dharma through teaching others what has fired his enthusiasm; but he needs the polarizing influence of the more precise, more empirical and analytical Gemini mind. He should, theoretically at least, seek partners who will cooperate with him along practical lines, perhaps along several lines of endeavor so that his generalizations and his expansionism may be fed with a variety of relevant data and multilevel relationships. Gemini at the cusp of the fourth house tends to provide changing situations while the process of personality integration takes place.

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The tree of personality may be like a palm tree or a sequoia with a very wide and extensive network of roots not far below the surface, instead of a deep-reaching taproot. Concentration on very basic feelings may be somewhat difficult. The individual may have antennae feeling for multiple impacts and stimuli for growth, rather than a solid and secure realization of what he actually is and stands for as a person. The danger is for a strong and clever ego to develop as the efficient and perhaps proud organizer of complex life experiences. Much depends in such a case on the sign at the Ascendant.

In most instances it will be either Aquarius or Pisces; only in the far north could it be Capricorn, a steadying influence. And the positions of planets in the fourth house could considerably modify and polarize the typical Gemini characteristics, either adding restlessness or stabilizing the intellectual structures upon which the person depends for inner security. When the situation is reversed and Sagittarius is at the cusp of the fourth house, philosophical, religious, or ancestral concepts should be sought as roots for the stabilization and strengthening of the personality.

A personal ambition to leave a strong imprint upon society may be a significant factor. The early home may be open to many influences and visitors. The mother may have intense religious convictions and impress them upon the growing child and adolescent. There may be early travels in childhood. Later on, in times of crisis, the individual will tend to renew his inner strength by strong acts of faith in his destiny, and by seeking philosophical or moral justification for his feelings and perhaps his social ambition.

With Gemini at the Mid-heaven, intellectual capabilities should be used to the utmost. The assistance of intellectuals, specialists, researchers will be important in the pursuit of a social or professional goal. A quick mind can be most valuable in adjusting to the demands of whatever public situation one has to deal with. This power of social adaptation and the ability to handle information should balance the determination and perhaps self-righteousness and proselytism of Sagittarius at the chart's Nadir.

Franklin D. Roosevelt's chart is an example of such a situation, but planets in his tenth house and a massive group in the sign Taurus were even more important in determining his personality and destiny. These two signs have their origin in the solstices, the moments at which the two polarities of the solar life power are found in a condition of maximum disequilibrium.

In Cancer the Day-force is at the acme of its power, even though the Night-force is by no means annihilated, and from then on it will slowly wax in strength. In Capricorn the Night-force is as dominant as it ever can be. Thus the characteristic features of one of these two forces are exaggerated and overemphasized in these zodiacal signs.

This emphasis serves a basic purpose in the over-all pattern of the zodiacal cycle: one of the two polarities is revealed in all its implications and limitations. In Cancer the Sun which had been moving northward in declination — that is, the sunsets had occurred for three months to the north of exact West—"stands still," which is what the word solstice etymologically means, sol being the Latin for Sun.

This symbolizes an abrupt reversal of the process which had been going on for half a year. The Gemini eagerness for conquering more life space and increasing knowledge through all kinds of experiments stops. Symbolically speaking, the young man who had been scattering his energies experimenting with a multitude of things gets a job, marries and settles down to become the head of a family. In this sense, Cancer represents the stabilizing power of a home.

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Life energies are being focused ; and a home can be a narrow and exclusivistic focus of attention, setting a well-defined stage for the birth and education of the child. This focusing of energy can operate at several levels. Albert Einstein had a Cancer Ascendant. His ideas led to the concept of a finite spheroidal universe and he was concerned with the formulation of one basic principle encompassing all known manifestations of energy.


Because the Cancer type strives for the concrete realization of Unity at the root of all modes of experience, it may be led to mystical realizations of a sort. The sign Cancer is often associated with psychic gifts, but the validity of this belief depends a great deal on what one means by psychic. Clairvoyance is usually a holistic process in which the essence and meaning of a situation as a whole is seen by the clairvoyant as a symbol or a scene.

Characteristic here is the whole-making activity. Building a home — and not merely a physical house — is a whole-making activity. The bipolar couple, man- woman, is ideally a reconstituted whole, potentially procreative because stabilized as one single biological and social unit. Capricorn also refers to the achievement of integration, but while Cancer refers to the narrow biopsychic unity of a personal situation, Capricorn deals with the large-scale political or managerial institutions of a complex national state.

Modern nations in most cases are not at first composed of people of the same race or culture; indeed, the purpose of a national state — at least spiritually speaking — is to integrate different races and cultures. The problems which all western nations have faced, and are still facing, arise from the fact that several distinct ethnic groups are made to interact and to cooperate in the establishment and above all the maintenance of a perfect union. A Cancer Ascendant will tend to make a person concerned with very definite, perhaps intellectually formulatable or experientially workable goals.

The issues are sharply definable and involve individual personalities. A Capricorn Ascendant leads one to discover one's own essential identity and destiny in activities that involve the integration of distant factors or of basic antagonisms which can be integrated only by means of strictly logical systems or legal instrumentalities requiring some type of police force to enforce patterns of order.

What is perhaps even more important is that the Cancer Ascendant person will trust more in the use of personal power and of the dynamic power of love, while the Capricorn Ascendant will resort to large impersonal or superpersonal concepts or techniques of organization. Carl Jung had a Capricorn Ascendant and his system of depth psychology stresses the idea that the power of archetypes of the collective unconscious is ultimately more important than that of strictly personal feelings or intellectual concepts.

On the other hand, Adler, another psychologist who also left the Freudian school, had a Cancer Ascendant, and he emphasized the importance of purely personal reaction to some kind of handicap and the will-to- power which compensates for feelings of inferiority by expressing aggressivity. The person with Cancer as rising sign will also use this process of personal compensation but primarily as he establishes associations with other people. He is afraid to meet them in a person-to-person interaction. He may hide under broad concepts and Capricornian social generalizations.

He has to build a social persona , to play a role in which he can appear superior to other people; and clairvoyance may turn out to be quite a remarkable way of impressing the persons with whom one comes into relationship with one's superior faculty of perception, while at the same time one is inwardly painfully aware of one's own individual insecurity. On the other hand, the person with a Capricorn Ascendant has need of people with whom he can relate person to person, for without such concretizing meetings and close interpersonal empathy he might feel personally over-involved in ambitious schemes and large-scale social planning, or in mystical and cosmic realizations.

Capricorn can refer to experiences and faculties that many people would call "mystical," but the reference is rather to the type of consciousness that is able or desires intensely to operate in terms of a transcendent type of order, of a cosmic and — in the real sense of this much abused term — occult use of power. He may tend to overwhelm other people with such power, seeking potential subjects in order to fulfill what he considers his destiny.

It could be a catabolic kind of destiny. A fourth house with Cancer at its cusp indicates a human being in whom the archetypal characteristics associated with the number 4 in numerical symbolism — perhaps the most universal of all symbolic systems — are quite strong. This is because Cancer is also the fourth sign of the zodiac. Indeed, the often stressed identity of meaning attributed by astrologers to Cancer and the fourth house can only be justified on such a numerological basis. The number 4 is die symbol of concrete embodiment and of the most basic feelings associated with the operation of life energies and their psychic overtones — the basic drives studied by psychologists.

This number defines the process of integration as it operates at the biopsychic level within human consciousness. It refers to the type of intelligence which works as the obedient servant of the life force in order to provide a secure foundation for the growth of personality — an intelligence whose operations are controlled by expediency, empiricism, and adaptation to concrete organic needs. This intelligence is related to the Moon in astrological symbolism, and the Moon is said to rule the sign Cancer. It refers to the mother only because it is the mother who cares for the baby incapable of meeting his own needs — the need for food, clothing, shelter, cleaning, and also for security and love.

A Cancerian fourth house refers therefore to the particularly strong and probably lifelong need of the individual to focus much of his attention upon his ability to adapt to changing conditions in his private life. This stresses the importance not only of the home life, but of all that refers to the process of personality integration.

However, such a concentration upon the near at hand, the organic, the feelings, and upon some sort of Mother-image, could be overwhelming if not integrated with what the Capricorn tenth house implies: that is, an equally strong concern for establishing oneself securely in a social position.

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The latter provides the social power, the money, necessary to run a secure, satisfying home. When the situation is reversed, and Capricorn is found at the Nadir point of the chart, public concerns may well dominate a person's private life — that is, if no special planetary "influence" is at work in the fourth and the tenth houses.

Your Descendant is Sagittarius, Your Ascendant is in Gemini

Descendant Sagittarius and Ascendant Gemini, your friendships are growing, your personality is charming and you know how to evolve in society. The Descendant, or DC, sits on the right, on the western horizon where the sun . Having a Sagittarius DC, then, means that you have a strong.

Indeed, the public or professional life should be managed with a keen sense of adjustment to the rapidly changing moods of the community. If the individual identifies his own fourth house personality with a broad, social, or cosmic purpose — Capricorn — he will indeed need flexibility of response, a sense of timing, and a "psychic" feeling of what is vital and acceptable to his public in order to succeed. With such a position one most often finds a Libra Ascend- ant. The four cardinal signs of the zodiac refer to four most characteristic types of solar activity insofar as nature in the Earth's biosphere is concerned — equinoctial and solstitial types.

These modes of activity become "fixed" in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. They are fixed within four specific types of human organisms; they are condensed, concentrated, and given characteristic forms which are filled with specific types of substances — and we know that substance or matter is simply a condensed state of energy.

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When a creative person composes a symphony, or paints, or when a performing artist incarnates on a theatrical stage the personage of a play, he projects his personal vision by bringing together the esthetic materials his culture has made available to him or he has selected from his natural environment. He "fixes" these material elements in a form which expresses his personal character, or during some collectivistic periods — the character of his culture, religion, or communal way of life.

In Taurus the equinoctial impulsiveness of the Day-force becomes substantiated and incorporated through the use of materials available in the biosphere. In Leo the personalizing characteristics of the summer solstice are given an individual form in which a life species and a consciously developed human person see themselves embodied or reflected. In the opposite section of the zodiac Aquarius gives form to a stabilized social whole — an ethnic group or a nation — producing what we call a culture. A culture is expressed in a wide variety of art forms, social forms, clubs, salons for the discussion of new or old ideas, etc.

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A culture can only develop where the social will has established its domination over the heterogeneous desires and opinions of the separate members of the community; where a definite "way of life" has emerged. The individual with a Leo Ascendant seeks to discover who he is by creating mirrors upon which he can project and reveal to his consciousness what his original birth-potential — or Soul potentialities and dharma — is. He seeks to find his self in his creations, at whatever level these creations find their embodiment; thus the creation may be a child, a work of art, a specific kind of social performance, etc.

If one understands well this process, two factors will stand out clearly. Astrology is meant to corroborate what you already know. You are born to be yourself! Enjoy each part of you. Enjoy who you are!